ITSM Consultancy and Assessment

ITSM Consultancy and Assessment

Another type of service required nowadays by business is the application of the ITSM Standards and Frameworks. After understanding and passing the exams of these standards and frameworks, candidates and companies thrive to keep abreast of international standards in the field of IT and ITSM.

In order to achieve this; we help companies achieve their business goals and management excellence in the field of ITSM by providing them with the world’s best practice frameworks and standards recognized by the technical and technological communities. These projects are divided into Assessment phase and Development phase.

First: The Assessment Phase

Before any development is done for any organization, the current situation is measured and assessed against a framework and a standard that will be adopted by the organization. Assessment is carried for a time period suitable for the implementation requirements, and after the project ends, a gap report is developed as a cornerstone for the next phase/project which is the development phase.

Second: The Development Phase

After the assessment phase is finished successfully and a gap analysis report is produced, the development phase should commence to improve the current situation to meet the organization’s objectives and business needs, this is the phase or project where the gap analysis is used to determine the weak points and pain areas that need to be developed as a priority for the business in order to meet these objectives. The Development phase will improve the organizations’ capability in general and will take as much time as the current situation is compared to the expected one. Competent consultants will be in charge of this phase in order for it to be fulfilled as suitable as possible, they will use their experience and knowledge to make this phase successful.

The total ITSM Assessment and Consultation Methodologies are provided by our partner EGYBYTE which are based on their ITSM Framework and is built on ITIL Process Maturity Framework (PMF), ISO/IEC 20000 for Service Management System (SMS), ISO/IEC 15504 and COBIT 5 Process Assessment Model (PAM). The framework is also using Deming continual improvement cycle which goes through Plan, Do, Check and Act in every cycle. The Framework contains ten steps in every cycle:

The Development Phase