• Pre Sales Activities
  • Technical Implementation
  • Technical Training
  • After Sales Activities

Step 1: Pre Sales Activities

Our aim is to be a single point of contact to our prospects for the wide range of ITSM products. Our duties and responsibilities rely on achieving our aim by providing product suggestions, product overviews, personalized demos and Proof of Concept.

Product Overview

It’s enough for you spending your time searching the web for your IT solution or breaking your head on which ITSM product will suit your need. Save your time and find the right solution for your need by contacting our sales team now (itsm-sales@alnafitha.com).

Personalized Demo

We also provide product demo, just for you. Knowing your exact need and requirement (you will be sent the Demo Pre-Requisite form to know your requirement), our Pre Sales team will help you know how the product can be used in your environment and what value the product will add to your business.

Proof of Concept (POC)

Are you considering one of our solutions and not sure which product really suits your requirements, you don’t know yet how a certain product will behave during the operational use within your existing infrastructure, our proof of concept services is the answer to your question where our solutions can be assessed and evaluated, Alnafitha Proof of Concept service offerings include:


Our POC: Prove service is a small scale demonstration or Proof of Concept (POC) showing how your organizational objectives can be supported by our ITSM solutions. Dedicated specialists will work with you to understand and establish your success criteria, collect sample data and specifications, and build and demonstrate a solution.


Our POC: Pilot service is a customized scale, real world demonstration of our solution capabilities for your project, department or organization. Aimed at proving full performance, scalability, and life cycle management, we will deploy a pilot solution on a fully configured hardware environment.

Step 2: Technical Implementation

With Alnafitha’s implementation process and procedures customers’ valuable staff resources don’t have to be spent building and tailoring the solution; it’s all there, ready to be switched on. From day one, your team will be productive, able to focus on improving the service delivered to the business and its customers.

Alnafitha’s Implementation procedures focus on customers’ current priorities, improving customer experience and communication, consistent Best Practice approach, investment protection and risk/internal cost reduction.

The project implementation approach from Alnafitha includes a detailed project plan defining activities and delivery milestones – for both the customer and Alnafitha.

For example an implementation package may include:

  • Pre-implementation scoping and classification workshops

  • Operational and administration training phase

  • User Acceptance Testing and go-live phases

Step 3: Technical Training

Accelerate your learning curve and Get the maximum benefits out of your investment by attending the training sessions. We offer training for all levels of expertise and also cater towards individual users, small teams and groups in these convenient formats:

  • Personalized on-site training held at your location

  • Standard in-house lectures, demonstrations and hands-on exercises

  • Customized Training.

  • Interactive web-based sessions.

On-site training sessions are very cost effective. They are best suited for beginning, intermediate and advanced users. You get the value of being trained based on your actual setup. In-house sessions are offered at our fully equipped branches located in Jeddah, Riyadh and Khobar. These best suit beginning, intermediate and advanced users. They are scheduled on pre-determined dates or on-demand. Please contact your Sales Account Manager for more information.

Web-based sessions are best suited for intermediate and advanced users. We provide comprehensive training from experts — from the convenience of your office or home. All you need is Internet connectivity, and the training will be delivered over the web. Customized Training is also available, relax, focus and get the maximum value of the training from the product experts, customized training is available in UAE, EGYPT, USA, United Kingdom, India and Turkey.

Step 4: After Sales Activities

Successful customer relationships do not end after an initial transaction. We believe that every customer is a partner and part of our success story. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction hence we have introduced the following services:

Account Manager

From the initial communication, you will be assigned to an Account Manager who is going to be your single point of contact for all ITSM solutions and services. The Account Manager along with our Pre-sales & Technical team will ensure a seamless transition and that your savings are captured and realized across your business from day one of going live. Your Account Manager will have the experience and enthusiasm to work closely alongside with your purchasing team, ensuring your short and long term objectives are realized and reported.

Local Support

We believe every customer is important and the reason for our existence. At Alnafitha most of our clients rely on our technical engineers to provide first-line of support for their implemented ITSM solutions.

We offer various levels of Services which are not is easily approachable for all segments of our customers:

  • Platinum Service – This plan is our most comprehensive package, which includes in-depth services like SelfService Portal. The Platinum Service Level is recommended for organizations that need to have unlimited IT technical support with onsite support availability.

  • Gold Service – The Gold Service Level is best for organizations that want a pro-active installation of ITSM Solutions, Alnafitha will provide a monthly health check visit to ensure that products are running in a proper way.

  • Silver Service – This plan level offers a lower cost option of having access to our experienced technical team, and allows you to have remote support if required up to 5 Hours/Month along with Two health-check visits - annually.

  • Bronze Service – This plan level offers free services to all our existing customers.